Neutralizing phosphoric acid.

Oct. 30, 2002
Phosphoric acid (pH of 1.7) is a common waste product of cola bottling plants. Most municipalities require that this acid be neutralized prior to sewage discharge. Burkert's customer--a leading cola beverage producer--has met this challenge using a cost-effective pH neutralization system that incorporates Burkert's Type 8205 Digital pH Controller, Type 8175 Ultrasonic Open Channel Flow Transmitter, Type 2000 Angle Seat Valve and Type 330 Direct-Acting Solenoid Valve. The Type 8205 Digital pH Controller is the pH neutralization system's "heart." The controller allows the cola drink producer to: · Frequency control the system metering pump responsible for sodium hydroxide (base) addition · Pulse width modulate the Type 2000/330 valves for carbon dioxide (acid) addition · Program specific titration curves · Transmit a 4-20mA signal for actual pH value · Send shutdown alarm output if pH climbs too high or drops too low · Employ PID control for static or dynamic adjustment It's key to note that the Type 8205 is the only single-device pH controller on the market capable of accomplishing all of the above. In addition, use of the Burkert components in the pH neutralization system helped the cola producer cut system Total Cost of Ownership by 31 percent. The Burkert solution cost $13,300; an alternative solution would have cost $19,300. (For example, the alternative solution requires a $2,500 programmable logic controller and $500 in I/O, while the Burkert solution does not. The alternative solution also has higher costs for valves, wiring, engineering and commissioning.)