Oily sludge in wastewater

July 22, 2002
Mid-size trucking firm knew that oily sludge in wastewater from cleaning out the company's tanker trucks was a problem. Meeting municipal regulations for wastewater effluent involved numerous chemicals, equipment and labor hours. After purchasing a fully automatic oilskimmer from Oil Skimmers Inc., of Cleveland, the trucking firm now meets its effluent regulations more efficiently, using less chemicals and with less man-hours in supervision. In this case, 250 tankers, including those devoted to hauling soybean oil, must be cleaned out thorougly after transporting material. After the crew washes the inside of the tanker, the wastewater requires processing before it can be discharged to the city sewer system. Installation of an oil skimmer results in oil-free water that satisfies the wastewater requirements of the municipality. Additionally, the oil skimmer has eliminated the process of manually collecting sludge from the wastewater, refines the wastewater more efficiently, thus allowing for the use of a smaller amount of chemicals in water treatment.