Accurate Scheduling of Customers

July 17, 2002

A Water Service company had customers that were scheduled for completions of weekly, biweekly and monthly services. Sometimes their customers had specific days of the week or month that they requested.

The Water Service company’s problem was that kept missing the appointments and therefore had problems with staff scheduling, billing and collection of the monies. In their system of operation, they would manually pull filed 3 x 5 cards to remind them. They would get busy and sometimes forget to check the cards or misread the card and therefore miss the service, charge the wrong amount or not have the right equipment to service the account.

To solve this problem, they installed an integrated routing & accounting software program that kept the history of what services needed to be done for each customer and when. The software kept track of each time it was previously completed and would print a report daily that indicated the customers that needed service, each type of service with the equipment needed. Once the service was completed so was the billing.

Now the company had control with reminders of service and quickly turned around the satisfaction of their customers. The cash flow was smoothed and average receivables reduced. An example of this type of software can be found at