Oils can adversely affect the finish of metal parts in final stage of production

July 22, 2002
In metal parts production, oils used during various stages of the manufacturing process can adhere to the metal parts, resulting in poor adhesion during the final, critical stage of painting or plating the metal part. Thus, removal of the oil from the part is critical in the wash stage. To correct the costly problems of oil accumulation in the wash, an oilskimmer was installed in the final wash phase to extend the life of the wash solution and maintain product quality. An oilskimmer installation ensures the metals are cleaned of oil, and the final plating or painting adheres better and lasts longer on metal parts. Additional benefits include less downtime to clean wash water, better parts cleaning, less use of chemical to combat contaminates and better salt spray test results. Final advantage is improved product appearance, longevity of the finish on metal products - and continued cost savings in product production.