Denitrification Problem

June 26, 2002
Colorado Springs, CO WWTP - Colorado Springs had mechanical and process problems with their submerged directional mixers, which were causing unsuccessful denitrification.

To solve their denitrification problem in their anoxic basins, the plant decided to employ (20) 7.5 hp AquaDDM® Mixers instead. The need for tank baffles in the anoxic zones was eliminated due to the AquaDDM®s’ integrated flow vanes and lower input torque. The DDM's pivotal mooring arm also provided ease of maintenance for the plant operators.

A few years later the plant also replaced 30 of their old submerged units in their Primary Effluent Channel with (3) 3 hp AquaDDM® Mixers with directional elbows and (1) AquaDDM® without an elbow. Since replacing the submerged directional mixing units, the plant has saved significant costs on power, labor and maintenance.