A Hole in One

April 3, 2018
Missouri golf course prepares for major tournament by installing precast concrete wastewater treatment system

There is no greater honor for a golf course than being awarded the right to host a big-name tournament. It’s a tribute to the effort put into maintaining the facility and grounds and pays attention to the tiniest of details.

It also often requires upgrades to get ready for the big event. And when a team dedicated to perfection turns to vendors, they expect the same level efficiency and precision. SI Precast Concrete’s plant in Versailles, Mo., was up to the challenge.

The Solution

The project included a complete golf course and clubhouse remodel, and time was of the essence from the get-go. While the owner had the option to connect to city sewer, he chose an onsite system due to cost savings and a much faster time frame. SI Precast Concrete provides a commercial wastewater treatment system that includes a series of tanks and other accessories.

In addition to the short time frame, the installation location required use of an excavator to lift the precast over an existing retaining wall. Kent Brossbeau of Kimberling City Plumbing said he preferred precast tanks due to the timing and difficult site conditions; he feared plastic or fiberglass would not hold up under the extremely rocky conditions.

“They were quick to install and required no special backfill,” said project engineer Mike Stalzer. “The site was difficult to access and was very rocky.”

The precaster’s modular treatment system consists of 4,500-gal trash, treatment and pump tanks, along with a 3,000-gpd treatment unit, duplex pumps, controls and drip equipment for 15,000 sq ft of drip field. Each tank weighs approximately 30,000 lb and is approximately 16 ft long, 7 ft wide and 8 ft tall.

The untreated effluent enters the trash tank, where separation takes place through flotation and settling. It then moves into the aeration tank, where further treatment takes place. A pump tank then sends the effluent to a large lateral field consisting of a series of parallel drip tubes for final treatment and dispersion. 

The Results

The owner chose SI Precast Concrete because of its proven quick turnaround time. It can configure its castings to form 3,000-, 4,500- and 6,000-gal tanks that can either be single-compartment or dual-compartment. They can then be plumbed in series to potentially create unlimited capacities and flows. The precaster manufactured the tanks and treatment system and assisted with installation within the four-week timeframe given.

“The installer called us because we were one of the few in the area that could handle such a big tank, especially in the short timeframe,” said Greg Barrett, sales manager for SI Precast Concrete. “We can pour one of each casting per day. We already had several of the castings in stock, so our turnaround time was quite fast.”