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Aug. 8, 2018
Virginia community utilizes precast concrete building to protect water treatment system

It is not a secret that the water and wastewater industry often utilizes pre-engineered concrete buildings for its treatment, pumping and filtration needs. What should not be kept underground any longer is the vast number of advantages precast concrete buildings truly offer.

A planned community in Bealeton, Va., can admire its new Easi-Set building while no longer worrying about its water quality. The manufactured home community learned that its well water had high arsenic levels, so a water filtration system housed in an Easi-Set building was installed. Easi-Set licensed producer Smith-Midland Corp. of Midland, Va., both manufactured and installed the 20-ft-by-30-ft Easi-Span precast building. General contractor Sydnor Hydro Inc. of Richmond, Va., selected Smith-Midland because of a long working history.

“We have worked with Smith-Midland many times over the years,” said John Beckstoffer of Sydnor Hydro. “They are quick, efficient and hold to their schedule.”

The initial building installation was completed in less than two days during December 2014, and pipe installation and filtration connections took place over the next few weeks. The building stores four filters connected to two wells. According to George Sharikas, sales manager with Smith-Midland, pre-designed features and the quick installation time led to selecting the Easi-Set building.

Customization options are available for every building, and local Easi-Set licensed producers work closely with customers nationwide to ensure the resulting concrete buildings meet the projects’ requirements.

As a licensed producer, Sharikas believes precast concrete buildings often sell themselves.

“Customers can request design information and pricing,” Sharikas said. “Once approved and made, they have a building up and erected in one to two days.”

The project was designed utilizing an Easi-Span roof. Easi-Span ultra-large buildings are site-assembled on a gravel pad with a precast floor or on a poured concrete slab. Easi-Span roofs are the largest clear span all-concrete roofs on the market. They provide for the only expandable (in 10-ft sections) concrete building system up to 50 ft by 250 ft, with the option of multiple-story heights.

Beckstoffer turns to precast concrete buildings more often than other building materials because concrete looks good and lasts a long time.

“Concrete buildings don’t rust, and they don’t break like a frame building can,” Beckstoffer said. “Inside, you generally have to install plywood over a frame building. Over time, that just doesn’t look as good as concrete.”

Easi-Set buildings will not rust, warp, corrode, rot or burn. The weather-tight structures are designed for any climate zone across the country, with additional weatherproofing features available. Frost protection, for example, could safeguard the integrity of plumbing lines in colder climates. Adding these and other features will not put a project over budget; Easi-Set buildings actually cost less than site-built construction. Easi-Set buildings have undergone UL 752 testing to be designated as Level 5 bullet-resistant buildings. They also have a standard fire rating of 1.5 hr with additional protection available, earthquake rating to Seismic Zone Category C and hurricane resistance up to 150-mph wind loads. Impact resistance is improved with post-tensioning that increases average compressive strengths.

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