Florida Plant Improves Water Quality with Ozone System

April 3, 2018
The ozone effectively addressed color issues & improved concentrate discharge from the water treatment plant

In fall 2014, the city of Palm Coast, Fla., installed a new Pinnacle Summit Series ozone system to solve water quality issues that caused complaints throughout the city. Pinnacle technology was selected based on its ability to offer the greatest functionality and lowest total lifetime cost. The city saw immediate results and chose Pinnacle after conducting a pilot test in fall 2012. The new system allows ozone production to precisely match real-time demand via seamless automatic control of three ozone generator platforms using Pinnacle’s Ozone-On‐Demand controls. Since installation, the new ozone system has exceeded expectations in terms of performance, reliability and operating cost.

Project Background

The city of Palm Coast was experiencing high color from discharge of its reverse osmosis (RO) concentrate stream discharged to the publicly owned treatment works (POTW). This water quality issue was causing complaints and compliance issues at the water treatment plant. CPH Eng. identified O3 as a potential method to removed color from the concentrate stream. Pilot testing was conducted in fall 2012/spring 2013. The testing demonstrated that O3 could effectively address color issues and improve concentrate discharge from the water treatment plant and was the lowest cost alternative for treatment. Budget and schedule issues were significant challenges in the project in order for the city to receive Florida Water Resources grant funding.

Treatment Approach

Pinnacle worked closely with the engineers at CPH to develop a comprehensive ozone system for this project. Pinnacle provided pilot equipment and process optimization services to prove design specifications for the application. Then Pinnacle provided an integrated design approach for the entire ozone process. The final design included an onsite oxygen generator, Pinnacle’s modular Summit ozone generator, closed loop chiller system, venturi-based ozone injection system, and ozone off gas destruct system.

A unique aspect of the project is controlling ozone dose using both dissolved ozone and dissolved color. The DOZ probes provide control of the ozone injection process, however, the dissolved color meter provides the final compliance point and allows for automatic adjustment of the ozone dose. The integrated system automatically adapts and compensates for changes in concentrate water quality from the plant. Another significant challenge to the project was budget and schedule. In order to qualify for available Florida Water Resources grant funding, the city needed to complete the entire ozone project in less than six months. Pinnacle was able to manufacture and deliver all of the equipment for the ozone process within six weeks of the purchase order.


Since the city of Palm Coast has installed a new ozone system for their water treatment plant, the ozone treatment has effectively removed color from RO concentrate reducing treatment concerns at the receiving POTW. Pinnacle provided a complete a fully integrated ozone system including and onsite oxygen generation system, side stream injection, closed loop chiller and an off gas ozone destruct unit. The entire system was delivered in less than 12 weeks in order to meet the deadlines for project funding.

Louis LeBrun, P.E., is vice president of Pinnacle Ozone Solutions. LeBrun can be reached at [email protected].

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