Unique Analyzer Sheds New Light on Turbidity

Aug. 8, 2018
Midwestern municipality thrives with reliable new technology featuring LED

When a Midwestern municipality needed to select a new turbidimeter for its new water filtration plant, it discovered its current units had been discontinued. The municipality began looking into current options and technologies. The ideal new replacement units would have an LED light source and be low maintenance, reliable and similar in performance to existing units.

The new units also would need to tie into the upgraded and customized SCADA system the city planned to implement. In answer to this challenge, the AMI Turbiwell from SWAN Analytical USA has all of the features and benefits the municipality required and therefore stood out as a valuable alternative to consider.

Implementing a Solution

The municipality opted to install the SWAN Analytical USA Turbiwell analyzer for a trial period in 2010. Based on feedback from the plant, the analyzer operated flawlessly throughout the trial and continues to do so. The municipality decided to standardize on the Turbiwell and install permanent units for monitoring its raw, settled, combined filter effluent and final effluent.

The AMI Turbiwell utilizes an LED light source, designed with a lifetime of approximately 100,000 hours. What makes the Turbiwell unique is that it is a “non-contact” instrument, so the optical elements do not foul. The unit is U.S. Environmental Protection Agency approved and comes fully calibrated and panel mounted prior to shipment, so it is ready to install and use right out of the box.

Measurement readings are precise, within 1%, with a measurement range of 0.000 to 100.0 NTU. Additionally, future calibrations are not required and the product also includes a four-year product warranty. The unique design features of the Turbiwell greatly reduce maintenance time and allow for reliable, easy and consistent monitoring of turbidity.

Kevin Forsman is regional sales manager – Midwest for SWAN Analytical USA. Forsman can be reached at kevin.forsman@swan-analytical-usa.com or 847.229.1290.

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