Ion Exchange for Uranium Removal

March 28, 2018

California community uses ion exchange system to reduce uranium levels in groundwater


In July 2010, AdEdge Water Technologies LLC was contacted by Engineering Resources to design, manufacture and install a uranium water treatment system for the community of Arrowbear Park County Water District in California's San Bernardino National Forest.

The community water system has a raw water uranium concentration of 118 parts per billion (ppb), well above the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's maximum contaminant level of 30 ppb.  AdEdge recommended its AD92 IX ion exchange system as the most cost-effective solution for the site. AD92 IX technology is designed to provide high-efficiency removal of naturally occurring uranium from groundwater supplies.

Employing the System

The AdEdge treatment system features a skid-mounted AD92 ion exchange package unit sized for a maximum design flow of 200 gal per minute. The model AD92-4260CS-2-AVH employs AdEdge AD92 media in a parallel, two carbon steel vessel configuration.

The system is equipped with a harness and automated control valves, a central control panel with programmable logic controller, and a color user-interface screen. Other features include differential pressure switches, a control panel and local gauges, flow sensors and totalizers, and a central hydraulic panel with sample ports.

Furnished with an on-demand regeneration/brine system, the unit uses a sodium chloride solution to regenerate the anion resin. The brine module is a separate system composed of a single polyethylene brine tank with valves, flow restrictors and rotometers, which work during the automatic cycle operation, service, backwash, brining, slow rinse and fast rinse cycles. Chlorine is injected into the water for disinfection prior to distribution.

Measured Results

The system was started and commissioned in January 2011. Since the system began operation, the uranium concentration is at a non-detectable level.

Richard Cavagnaro Jr. can be reached at [email protected] or 678.835.0052.