Aug 13, 2011

Carrier Pipe Installed In Minimal Time Using Casing Spacers

A recent addition to the Medina County Sanitary pipe grid included placing close to 300 feet of cased pipe under I-71 in Medina, Ohio – a suburb of Cleveland.

The project involved installing 280 ft. of 12-in. SDR 35 (12.5-in. OD) carrier pipe inside a 23.25-in. ID casing. Project managers wanted to do the job in minimal installation time.

They chose MIDI Ranger II casing spacers, from Pipeline Seal & Insulator, Inc. of Houston, for the job –using two casing spacers with 3.94-in. height runners on each pipe section to facilitate the "push" and reduce installation time. Each casing spacer was secured around pipe sections according to standard installation practices.

These non-metallic casing spacers were chosen for the job since they are designed to ease carrier pipe insertion, reduce inventory costs, speed installation, and last for the life of the piping system. They are available in four sizes to accommodate carrier pipe ODs from 0.83 in. to 37.6 in. with up to nine different runner heights ranging from 1.97 in. to 6.89 in.

Using an all-plastic Slide-Lock to tension the segments together, the workers were able to quickly and efficiently install the casing spacers without special tools, tapes or adhesives. With a five-man crew, the contractor installed all 280 feet in one hour and 45 minutes – about 2.5 ft. per minute. The crew consisted of two workers installing the casing spacers on pipe sections, one man operating the boom truck to lower the pipe into the trench, and two men down in the trench joining the pipe sections and pushing the carrier pipe into the casing with a boring machine.

The boring subcontractor noted the time saved in installation. When compared to fabricating wooden skids, the reduction in installation time more than offset the cost of the spacers. In addition, the job inspector called a week later to suggest several other contractors he thought would benefit from using the Ranger II for comparable projects.

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