Feb 16, 2009

Call for Papers: LESAM 2009

The 3rd Leading Edge Conference on Strategic Asset Management is accepting papers until April 3, 2009

The call for papers has been announced for the 3rd Leading Edge Conference on Strategic Asset Management (LESAM 2009), Miami, Nov. 11 to 13, 2009. Submissions are due April 3, 2009.

Organized by the American Water Works Association (AWWA), LESAM 2009 will provide an opportunity to discuss developments at the leading edge of water and wastewater infrastructure and other fields to an audience of utility personnel, regulators and consultants. It will be focused on the techniques, technologies and management approaches aiming at optimizing the investment in infrastructure while achieving demanded customer service standards.

The subject of LESAM 2009 is Strategic Asset Management of Water and Wastewater Infrastructure. Topics relevant to this subject include:
• Creating an enabling environment for AM on the national level;
• Creating an enabling environment for AM on the utility level (including support of organizational awareness within the utilities; business culture for good AM; knowledge management within the organization);
• The role of standardization for developing AM concepts;
• Approaches to AM (levels of service, delivering outcomes, risk management, asset investment, whole of life costs, strategic, tactical and operational planning);
• Role and importance of models and tools (including deterioration modeling, optimization tools, integrated support tools, IT environment);
• Towards sustainability: models and examples (incl. carbon footprint; systems' adaptation to climate change); and
• Knowledge transfer and training: how best practice is spread?

Procedure for Submission
Applicants may submit a proposal in the form of an Outline Paper, limited to 1,000 words with diagrams or illustrations. This Outline Paper must contain adequate information to allow a sound referee review. Submissions should demonstrate a significant advance in knowledge in water infrastructure asset management.

Two forms of presentation will be considered:
1. Oral presentation
2. Poster presentation (with full paper). If selected, the full paper must be submitted on schedule for inclusion in the conference proceedings.

Submissions should be made via the e-mail form provided on the conference website: www.awwa.org/Conferences/content.cfm?PreviewContentItem=155096

The following information should be included in your submission: author's name and affiliation; topic; title of presentation; preferred type of presentation (oral or poster); three to five key words (to help with identification); and contact person's e-mail address, postal address, and telephone and fax numbers.