Sep 12, 2007

California City May Require Use of Recycled Water

Lawmakers in Santa Rosa, Calif., might soon require selected businesses use treated wastewater for landscaping, laundry and other commercial uses in order to conserve water.

The Press Democrat reports that the Santa Rosa City Council is scheduled to soon consider an ordinance that would make selected residential, commercial and industrial developments use effluent in places where the treated water will not be consumed by people or animals.

Virginia Porter, a consultant who helped draft the law, told The Press Democrat that a new business park, commercial car wash, or something along those lines, will be required by law to use recycled water.

If approved, the law would go into effect Oct. 19. The city's Board of Public Utilities has recommended the law, even though some local residents are concerned about using water that is unsuitable for drinking to irrigate farmland or water plants at housing developments.

Board members reported that there is no evidence that any one would become ill if the ordinance were to be passed.