Dec 01, 2009

Calgon Carbon Corp. Brings C3500D to Market

UV technology aims to achieve new efficiency in water reuse disinfection applications

Calgon Carbon Corp. has brought its UV technology--the C3500D--to the market.

The C3500D offers an advanced sensor-based control system, which helps achieve unparalleled efficiency in water reuse disinfection applications. The C3500D utilizes 500-Watt lamps in a small footprint to provide overall efficiency and economic savings, said Calgon Carbon Corp.

According to Bill Sotirakos, product manager, UV Technologies, Calgon Carbon Corp., the company tapped its research and development infrastructure to develop a technology aimed to meet or exceed the water reuse guidelines established by the National Water Research Institute (NWRI). Sotirakos added that a completed Validation Report was submitted in July 2009 to the California Department of Public Health.

“Calgon Carbon was able to access its deep research and development capabilities in Computational Fluid Dynamics to identify the best possible and most energy efficient system, which, moreover, would meet the NWRI requirements of providing safe, clean water,” Sotirakos said.

The system depends on a design that hydraulically “mixes” water across three sets of Delta-shaped (D) wings while aiming to minimize the head loss and exposing the water to a high UV dose to treat the water.

“Because of the swirling action generated by the three sets of Delta-shaped wings the water is more uniformly exposed to the UV light,” Sotirakos said.

Sotirakos added that the technology utilizes calibrated UV sensors and flow rate to control the dose in an effort to help minimize operating costs and provide longer lamp life.

“In addition to the ongoing importance of clean, safe water, the economic downturn has further compelled municipalities and businesses to explore next-generation technologies, such as the C3500D, to better utilize UV disinfection for water reuse,” Sotirakos said.