Aug 21, 2007

Boil Alert Finally Lifted In Galway, Ireland

After five months of boiling water, the water in Galway city and county in Ireland has now been deemed safe to drink.

Cryptosporidium in the water supply led to illnesses in thousands of area residents in January. The boil-water notice covering Galway city and part of Galway county was originally issued on March 15th. Though more than 5,000 people were fell ill from the bug, health officials have said that it was lucky that there were no deaths.

According to around 70,000 people in the city and parts of south Connemara had to boil their water for food preparation and consumption since March.

There have been no new cases of cryptosporidiosis, the gastrointestinal illness caused by the parasite, in several weeks and therefore the water has been cleared for drinking.

Minister for the Environment John Gormley made the announcement on Monday that the water is safe. Gormley reported to that his Department and the Environmental Protection Agency are working together to resolve water quality issues in public water supplies and identify any additional infrastructural upgrades that may be required.