Oct 02, 2020

Turbo Blowers with Magnetic Bearing Technology

kaeser compressors Turbo Blowers with Magnetic Bearing Technology

Kaeser Compressors’ has extended its product range with the addition of PillAerator turbo blowers with magnetic bearing technology. Thanks to the direct-drive, active magnetic bearing motor and intelligent control system, the PillAerator turbo blower boasts an energy savings advantage over conventional rotary blowers up to 25%. With single unit flows up to 9,400 cfm, the PillAerator significantly expands Kaeser's solutions for water and wastewater applications.

The PillAerator is available in two model ranges with three designs within each. For flow rates up to 4,700 cfm, there is the 200 hp series, and the 400 hp series for flow rates up to 9,400 cfm. Each impeller design delivers different pressures and flow rates. Pressures available from 4.4 to 20.3 psig.

Kaeser’s new turbo blowers feature gas-tight, permanent magnet motors with active magnetic bearings, integrated frequency converters and closed-loop water cooling. Units are compact and quiet, plus advanced controls offer full interoperability with SCADA systems. Predictive maintenance enables monitoring, error reading and even remote control; and this can be performed on a running system.

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Additionally, the active magnetic bearing motor reduces maintenance requirements and eliminates the need for oil changes and bearing replacements. The PillAerator requires no routine maintenances apart from an air filter change in dusty environments.

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