Jan 24, 2007

Blocked Georgia Manhole Leads to Wastewater Spill

Over 48,000 gallons of wastewater overflowed into Camp Creek in Henry County, Ga., due to blockage in a manhole.

According to the Henry Daily Herald, the overflow ended up causing major problems for residents and local businesses. One business that opened a month ago had to close its doors for over four days due to the incident.

Stephen Hogan, division manager of operations at the Henry County Water & Sewage Authority, told the Henry Daily Herald that the wastewater overflow was caused by bricks and gravel blocking a manhole. The bricks and gravel mixed with other debris, reducing the flow in the pipe and causing the flow to stop. In addition to the items found in the manhole, the space was paved over.

Due to the capacity of the problem, it took country crews five hours to fix the problem, instead of the usual one.

The situation is currently being investigated and it has not been determined why the manhole was blocked. If the State Environmental Protection Division finds any type of non-compliance, then the company will receive a citation violating Georgia Code 12-5-29.

The company at fault will have to pay fees to cover the damage, repairs and clean-up.