Apr 27, 2011

Blacoh Fluid Control CEO Recognized For Contributions To Hydraulic Institute

Gary Cornell receives accolade for his part in air-operated pump standards

The Hydraulic Institute recognized Blacoh Fluid Control Chairman and CEO Gary Cornell for his technical leadership and contributions in the creation of ANSI/HI standards.

Cornell was chair of the committee that revised air-operated pumps for nomenclature, definitions, application and operation (ANSI/HI). This standard is an excellent resource for anyone unfamiliar with the operating principles of air-operated diaphragm and bellows pumps. Air-operated bellows pumps are designed to handle insidious chemicals by using materials appropriate for the service.

Cornell was also chair of the committee that updated the standard to test air-operated pumps. This standard provides uniform procedures for mechanical and other pump performance testing and for recording the test results of air-operated diaphragm and bellows pumps.