Black & Veatch Completes Well Field Project

Drought mitigation effort delivers vital water supplies to Midland, Texas, in less than 12 months

Black & Veatch, in a consortium with Garney Construction, Inc., has completed construction of a critical water supply project for Midland County Fresh Water Supply District No. 1. The T-Bar well field project can now deliver up to 20 million gal of water per day to Midland, Texas. Development of the project from planning through testing was completed in less than 12 months.

“Given the challenges facing the city, Black & Veatch developed a fully integrated, design-build delivery plan that could be completed in less than 12 months,” said Todd Larson, project manager within Black & Veatch’s water business. “Using experience we gained from previous fast-track drought work in North America and Australia, this project will meet the water needs of the area for years to come.”

The city of Midland has traditionally relied on three surface reservoirs for its water supply needs. Two of these reservoirs are now dry as result of extreme to severe drought conditions and the third is predicted to run out this year. The region has already enacted water restrictions and drought contingency plans.

Black & Veatch was part of a public-to-public partnership led by Midland County Fresh Water Supply District No. 1 contracted by the City of Midland to address the water supply shortages facing the city. The project required that 20 million gal of emergency water per day be available by the end of May 2013.

The project consists of a new raw water well field on approximately 7,000 acres of land located 60 miles west of Midland. Forty-four water wells were drilled to depths of approximately 650 ft, with approximately one-half mile between wells. The corresponding well field tank is designed to hold 2 million gal of water. The project also includes 58-miles of pipeline to convey the water from the well field to the city.

Black & Veatch together with Overland Contracting Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Black & Veatch, was responsible for the complete design, procurement and construction of 44 production wells, high-service pumping stations, storage tanks, chlorination facilities and terminal control facilities for this fast-track water supply and conveyance project.

Black & Veatch

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