Birmingham Utility Teams Win Big at ACE12

Pipe Tapping team and Top Operators take home first place victories

The Birmingham Water Works (BWW) Pipe Tapping team and Top Operators (Top Ops) brought home first place victories at the American Water Works Assn.’s (AWWA) annual conference, held in Dallas this week. Representatives from all sections of the country competed to win national honors in various water industry standard practices. BWW’s Tapping Team brought home its ninth first-place title this year and has four world tapping titles under its belt. The Top Ops brought home its second first-place victory.

During the pipe-tapping competition preliminaries on Tuesday, June 12, the BWW Tapping Team finished the competition with a time of one minute and ten seconds and had a clean run with no penalties. Last year’s winner, Spotssylvania, turned in a time of one minute and five seconds but had several penalties and ended with a one minute and twenty second run, putting BWW back on top. Because of this year’s national win, they will have the opportunity to compete for their fifth world title in England this fall. Members of the National Pipe Tapping Team are Ralph Abbott (­coach), Johnny Bittles, Jerry Storey and Todd Stewart.

The BWW’s Top-Ops team members, Jonathan Harris (coach), Wendell Cox, Bill Shikle and Trey Finch, won their second national title in three years.


Birmingham Water Works

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