BIOTA 2005 Aqua Award Winner at 47th Annual IBWA Convention and Trade Show

The International Bottled Water Association (IBWA) named BIOTA Brands of America, Inc. winner of the 2005 Aqua Award for Package and Label Design. The Award was presented during the IBWA 47th Annual Convention and Trade Show in Orlando, Fla., held September 27-30, 2005. The Aqua Awards recognize excellence within the bottled water industry and the IBWA membership.
In awarding BIOTA the Package and Label Design category, the judges acknowledged the innovation and breakthrough in introducing the world’s first biodegradable, commercially compostable bottle made of renewable resources, as well as the label design which conveyed the heritage of their Colorado spring source.
BIOTA’s bottle represents the first commercially produced bottle made from NatureWorks PLA, an organic polymer made from corn, a fully renewable resource, which disappears in about 80 days in a commercial composting environment. The bottle was developed by BIOTA after years of research and has been approved by the Biodegradable Products Institute. BIOTA premium spring water presents itself in a package that reflects the essence of its source, nestled between Mt. Abrahams, visible from the source to Mt. Wilson on the Front Range.
"The growth of beverage containers is astounding. It is approaching 20 billion in 2005," says David M. Zutler, CEO of BIOTA Brands of America, Inc. "Since the majority of containers are consumed away from home, recycling doesn’t happen as often as it should, and many wind up in trash and landfills. Now BIOTA premium water has a planet-friendly alternative, the world's first biodegradable plastic bottle.”
BIOTA is an acronym for Blame It On The Altitude, and also means "local flora and fauna.” Its natural spring water, which originates from one of the world's highest protected alpine springs located above Ouray, Colo., some 9,000 ft. above sea level.


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