Sep 23, 2015

Biostimulant Improves Operational Stability in Activated Sludge Systems

Formulation helps balance natural microbial ecosystem

Bio Genesis from Probiotic Solutions stimulates the activity of beneficial bacteria in activated sludge systems, improving overall operational stability. Its formulation of nutrients, organic acids, natural biological stimulants and energy systems balances the natural microbial ecosystem to increase bio-oxidation capacity and increase the availability of key nutrients previously blocked by complexing with ions in the water. Bio Genesis reduces operating costs by lowering BOD/COD and improving settleability while controlling filamentous bacteria and reducing foam.

Adding Bio Genesis to your activated-sludge maintenance plan:
• reduces filamentous bacteria problems, such as bulking, foaming and scum;
• improves flocculation and settleability;
• increases dissolved oxygen levels;
• decreases mechanical aeration and energy costs;
• reduces wasting and overall sludge volume;
• improves SVI;
• reduces noxious odors;
• reduces coagulant and flocculant chemical use and costs;
• reduces chlorine disinfection demands;
• improves effluent water quality; and
• minimizes upsets.

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