BEVsystems International to Provide Water to Puerto Rico Under FEMA Hurricane Relief Contract

Initial Order Calls for Two Ocean Going Cargo Containers of SuperOxygenated Water

BEVsystems International, Inc., has been selected to provide water to Puerto Rico under a Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) hurricane relief contract. According to terms of the agreement, BEVsystems first order will be two ocean-going cargo containers of one-liter bottles (36,816 bottles) of SuperOxygenated water to the Commonwealth.

FEMA is an independent agency of the federal government, reporting to the President. Since it's founding in 1979, its mission has been to reduce loss of life and property and protect the nations critical infrastructure from all types of hazards through a comprehensive, risk-based, emergency management program of mitigation, preparedness, response and delivery. FEMA often works in partnership with other organizations that are part of the nations emergency management agencies, 27 federal agencies and the American Red Cross.

"Certainly we're pleased to receive this order from the business perspective," said G. Robert Tatum III, chairman and CEO of BEVsystems International, Inc. "But, we're particularly satisfied that our products have been selected for such a worthy cause that could impact many lives should a hurricane strike the Commonwealth."

BEVsystems' patented technology infuses its Life O2 Water and global co-branded products with up to 15 times (1,500 percent) more oxygen than ordinary bottled water.

Results of double-blind studies support the benefits of SuperOxygenated water. These benefits include improved performance and endurance while reducing body stress, increased extension strength, decreased pulse rate and improved ability to maintain blood glucose levels. A variety of studies involving cyclists, triathletes and runners confirmed improved performance as a result of drinking Life O2 SuperOxygenated Water.

Life O2 Water and other co-branded products utilizing the Life O2 Water SuperOxygenation process are available in 22 countries. Along with BEVsystems' own state of the art production facility in Clearwater, Fla., the Company's proprietary equipment, which infuses bottled water with medical grade oxygen, is installed in 11 international bottling plants.

BEVsystems International, Inc. has extensive U.S. distribution, including a master distribution agreement with GNC Nutrition Centers. The Company is currently launching Life O2 SuperOxygenated Water in the Florida and Metropolitan New York markets and is commencing the introduction of Life O2 Water into other major U.S. markets. In just eight months since the Florida launch, Life O2 Water is being distributed from more than 1,500 retail locations.

BEVsystems International, Inc.

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