Oct 21, 2008

Basin Water Unveils Environmental Treatment Products

Company shows products at WEFTEC 2008

Basin Water, Inc. unveiled on Oct. 20 its newly acquired line of Envirogen environmental treatment products at WEFTEC 2008.

In the water treatment area, Envirogen products include fluidized-bed bioreactors, membrane bioreactors and suspended carrier reactor systems. For odor and VOC control applications, products include modular and built-in-place systems for a wide range of air flow rates, as well as its BioTower bioscrubber technology for small-footprint applications.

These systems provide low lifecyle costs and predictable, reliable environmental performance.

According to Mike Stark, president and chief executive officer of Basin Water, Envirogen products are an ideal addition to a Basin Water technology portfolio that focuses on lowest lifecycle cost solutions in environmental applications.

“By their very nature, biological treatment systems have the potential to offer the lowest cost treatment alternatives in the applications they serve. What is unique about the Envirogen line – and the team that has developed and implemented these solutions over the past fifteen years – is the ability to handle small to very large volumes of either water or air, and to target high concentration, difficult to remove contaminants, leading to a high quality effluent,” he said.

Envirogen bioreactor systems are designed to handle a broad range of contaminants, flow rates and contaminant concentrations. On the high-flow end of the spectrum, Envirogen fluidized-bed bioreactors feature a fixed-film reactor column that fosters the growth of microorganisms on a hydraulically fluidized bed of media. The fluidized media can provide a biomass inventory of up to 15,000 mg/L – allowing the treatment of high flow rates and relatively high contaminant loadings.

Basin Water’s Envirogen biofilters use naturally occurring microorganisms to treat air containing odorous substances such as reduced sulfur compounds and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Microorganisms reside on the surface of the biofilter media and only require irrigation water and small quantities of nutrient (for some applications). Microorganisms consume the odorous contaminants for energy and, in the process, cleanse the air.

Envirogen odor and VOC control systems include modular package biofilters (P-Series and H-Series) for small air flow rate applications, built-in-place (BIP) biofilter systems for larger airflow rate applications and BioTower bioscrubbers for space-limited applications. The odor and VOC control systems offer long media life and low power consumption, meaning low lifecycle costs for an installation. Media types are matched to the treatment challenge and can include inorganic mineral-based media, foam-based media and an organic media composed of aged bark product.