Feb 20, 2008

Basin Water and Purifics ES to Market Technology for Drinking Water Applications

Exclusive rights obtained for selected states in the U.S.

Basin Water, Inc. and Purifics ES, Inc. have announced an agreement under which Basin Water will have specific rights to market Purifics’ technology for the reduction and destruction of organic materials in drinking water applications in North America. The exclusivity in this initial agreement applies to selected states in the U.S. and also covers non-exclusive rights to the remainder of North America, subject to certain contract requirements.

As part of the agreement, Basin Water has purchased a Purifics system for use in validation studies with prospective customers. The parties are working toward a definitive agreement to promote the sale and development of Purifics’ technology. Basin Water and Purifics are co-sponsoring a technology conference on Purifics’ Photo-Cat systems, to be held in Henderson, Nev., on March 6, 2008.