Jun 05, 2008

BASF Introduces Aseptrol CW Technology

New, easy-to-use delivery system regulates precise feed of chlorine dioxide into cooling water systems

BASF Corp. recently announced the launch of Aseptrol CW technology, a new delivery form of BASF Cooling Water Biocide.

Once registered with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Aseptrol CW will be a reliable, easy-to-use delivery system that regulates precise feed of chlorine dioxide into small-to-medium size cooling water systems. The system consists of a low-maintenance feeder and prepackaged tablets that deliver chlorine dioxide when and where you need it. EPA registration of the new delivery form is expected this summer.

Aseptrol technology is a comprehensive approach to managing all microbial species and preventing biofilm formation. It has the added unique benefit of removing previously formed biofilm deposits, while eliminating the capital cost and inconvenience of onsite chlorine dioxide generators. The Aseptrol CW technology will help ensure accurate dosing of chlorine dioxide, while improving operator safety and handling.

“Aseptrol CW can provide an all-in-one biocide treatment program against biofilm,” said Bernard Franc, Biocides marketing manager at BASF. “It will provide an antimicrobial effect that both prevents and remediates biofilm from cooling water surfaces critical to heating, ventilation and air conditioning applications.”

Overall, Aseptrol products rely on patented technology to release high-yield chlorine dioxide when exposed to water. The BASF product line includes the only EPA-approved purifier for emergency drinking water, as well as formulations for disinfection, deodorization and cleaning.