Nov 29, 2017

Trion, Ga., Wastewater Treatment Plant Suffers Two Spills

The plant struggles with outdated equipment and power outages

Wastewater treatment plant suffers two spills

A wastewater treatment plant in Trion, Ga., suffered two spills in less than two months. The first spill Oct. 2 totalled 57,000 gal and was attributed to a power system failure for the pumps that control water intake. The second spill Nov. 18, totalling 96,000 gal, was caused by a power outage and subsequent failure of a generator. The generator failure rendered the influent pumps inoperable and caused the backflow valve to eject into the nearby Chappel Creek.

In the aftermath of the spills, the level of fecal coliform bacteria in Chappel Creek was measured above the safety threshold. Town employees continue to monitor the creek and the treatment plant is looking for ways to update outdated equipment.