Sep 27, 2006

AwwaRF Enlists Team to Develop Guidelines for Calibrating and Using Hydraulic Models

The Awwa Research Foundation (AwwaRF) is funding a research project led by Malcolm Pirnie, Inc. to develop guidance on creating, calibrating and applying hydraulic models for water distribution systems. Water utilities are increasingly using hydraulic models for a variety of applications, and there is a great need for modeling guidance. This project will develop guidelines for a variety of model uses, including capital improvements planning, water quality and operational studies.
The research project will include a comprehensive literature review and a series of workshops at conferences in the U.S. and U.K. It will also employ webcasts and other electronic media to provide interactive opportunities for experts and users to contribute to the final product.
The outcome of this research will be an electronic guidance tool and accompanying documentation that will outline best practices for the modeling community. This project will also assist utilities officials in their decision-making by helping them to understand the costs and benefits of different modeling approaches. The project is anticipated to be completed by spring 2008.
The research team comprises experts from the U.S. and Europe from Malcolm Pirnie, Inc., HDR and the University of Exeter.