Aug 23, 2007

AwwaRF Announces Tool for Sustainable Water Utility Performance

Awwa Research Foundation (AwwaRF), the leading nonprofit water research foundation dedicated to advancing the science of drinking water, announced the publication of a new report on “triple bottom line” reporting, a method that water suppliers can use to assess and communicate to stakeholders the environmental, social and economic impacts of their processes.

Many drinking water utilities face an increasingly wide array of critical challenges, from the demands of urban growth and aging infrastructure to the potential impacts of climate change on water availability. Triple bottom line reporting offers a tool to help water suppliers address these challenges through strategies and operational approaches that effectively balance the long-term costs, benefits, and potential consequences to utilities and other stakeholders.

“The objective of this research is to give water utility managers solutions so they can continue to provide safe, affordable drinking water, even as new challenges arise,” stated Robert C. Renner, executive director of AwwaRF. “AwwaRF research addresses not only current issues that utilities face, but also looks at issues appearing on the horizon. This helps utilities plan and operate strategically.”

The report, Triple Bottom Line Reporting of Sustainable Water Utility Performance (order #91179), is currently available only to subscribers of AwwaRF. The report will become available publicly later this year. To learn more about AwwaRF and its research, please go to .