Jan 22, 2001

AWWA Names Web site, Garners Widespread Industry Support

The American Water Works Association (AWWA) and ENI-Net have announced some of the early participants who will help shape the development of EfficientUtilities.com, an exchange for utility buyers and suppliers in the $40 billion water and wastewater industry. The list includes buyers such as the City of Cleveland and the Washington (D.C.) Suburban Sanitation Commission, and sellers including U.S. Filter, Griffin Pipe Products, and Ferguson Enterprises.

"AWWA is intent upon promoting public health by helping utilities, contractors, and suppliers make the water/wastewater field become more efficient," said AWWA executive director Jack Hoffbuhr. "With collaboration from all facets of the water industry, EfficientUtilities.com will do just that."

As a partnership between AWWA and Boston-based ENI-Net, the neutral website will be developed with substantial input from two advisory groups from both sides of the procurement process: a Utility Advisory Committee and a Supplier Advisory Committee. In response to significant interest from industry professionals, the first Supplier Advisory Committee meeting will be held during the first week of February.

The site will bring buyers and sellers together confidentially and in a secure setting. Exchanges through EfficientUtilities.com will be conducted free of charge, according to established business practices and building upon existing relationships already benefiting the marketplace. Utilities surveyed have expressed appreciation for the service provided by various distributors and manufacturer representatives, and want to continue working with them through more efficient processes. The site will allow manufacturers and distributors in turn to streamline their communications with buyers and amongst each other.

"EfficientUtilities.com will improve efficiency for utilities and the existing supply chain without disrupting current sales channels," concluded Hoffbuhr.