Aug 06, 2009

AWWA to Hose Residuals Management and Disposal Webcast

Aug. 19 webcast will discuss case studies on management and disposal

On Wednesday, Aug. 19, the American Water Works Association (AWWA) will host a Residuals Management and Disposal webcast. Residuals management and disposal have historically presented some challenges to utilities, depending on treatment and the local regulatory framework. Without proper management and disposal, this issue will continue to grow with time and the use of more complex treatment technologies.

Webcast presenters will summarize the types of residuals generated by some of these complex treatment technologies and present some case studies on appropriate management and disposal. This webcast is targeted to personnel with intermediate knowledge of residuals management and disposal.

Webcast presenters include:
&#149 Damon Roth, P.E., Project Manager, Environmental Engineering Technology, Inc., Newport News, Va.;
&#149 Les Gammie, Ph.D., P. Chem, Director, Quality Assurance, EPCOR Water Services, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada;
&#149 Chad Seidel, Ph.D., P.E., Damon S. Williams Associates, LLC, Denver, Colo.; and
&#149 Alan Roberson, AWWA Director of Security and Regulatory Affairs, Washington, D.C.
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