Oct 17, 2018

WWD & iWWD Top Project Winners 2018

On Oct. 1, in New Orleans, the 2018 WWD & iWWD Top Project Awards were presented to owners, designers and manufacturers

 Awards were presented to owners, designers and manufacturers involved
Awards were presented to owners, designers and manufacturers involved.

The editors of Water & Wastes Digest (WWD) and Industrial Water & Wastes Digest (iWWD) presented the 2018 WWD & iWWD  awards at an Oct. 1 ceremony held at the Hilton Hotel in New Orleans during WEFTEC18. Awards were presented to owners, designers and manufacturers involved in the 10 WWD projects and five iWWD projects that were selected as winners by the editorial staff.

The iWWD Top Projects winners include:

Tuscaloosa Regional Airport Sinkhole Solution - Tuscaloosa, Ala.

When sinkholes began to develop along the outer edge of the safety area for the main runway at the Tuscaloosa Regional Airport, the city took action to save the airport, prevent damage to aircraft and protect the field maintenance crew by replacing the storm water drainage system, amounting to 3,700 ft of polypropelene pipe.

Project Owner(s): Tuscaloosa Airport

Project Designer(s): C. Darren Duckworth, P.E., Project Manager, Aviation Services for Atkins.

Project Contractor(s): REV Construction

Manufacturer(s): Advanced Drainage Systems, Inc.

Tusacaloosa project

Foster Farms Chimichanga & Burrito Processing Facility - Compton, Calif.

Faced with mounting pumping, hauling and surcharge costs for its fats, oils & grease waste, Foster Farms sought a solution that was affordable and self-contained. Foster Farms pilot tested a Hydro International MicroScreen ultrafine screening unit with integral dewatering. The MicroScreen unit was able to filter plant effluent and meet discharge requirements.

Project Owner(s): Foster Farms

Project Designer(s): Foster Farms, Morad Engineering & Hydro International

Manufacturer(s): Hydro International

Foster Farms

Knouse Foods Biogas Reuse - Peach Glenn, Pa.

Knouse Foods needed a solution to responsibly manage organic food waste and wastewater from its fruit processing. By investing in on-site anaerobic digestion technology, Knouse Foods could tap into the power of biogas, helping the environment—and the fruit processor’s bottom line.

Facility Owner(s): Knouse Foods

Project Owner(s): Arcadis

Project Designer(s)/Contractor: ADI Systems

Manufacturer(s): ADI Systems & Geomembrane Technologies

Knouse Foods

Unipres FRC DAF for Oils Removal - Portland, Tenn.

In 2017, Unipres was in dire need of an upgrade to their plant’s wastewater treatment system to get them in compliance with discharge limits of the local wastewater utility. The Unipres team looked at several technical approaches to solve the problem and settled on an FRC Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) system from JWC Environmental to meet those demands.

Facility Owner(s): Unipres

Project Designer(s): FRC, A JWC Environmental Company & Hanka Associates, LLC - Lanesville, IN

Project Contractor(s): ARMI Contractors, Fayetteville, AR

Manufacturer(s): JWC Environmental  

Unipress project

#1 iWWD Top Project

K.B. Specialty Foods Anaerobic Digestion - Greensburg, Ind.

As part of its ongoing environmental sustainability efforts, K.B. Specialty Foods decided to upgrade its conventional wastewater treatment system, which consisted of a primary dissolved air flotation clarifier followed by an activated sludge system. The food processor needed to increase treatment capacity to accommodate production, but it also wanted to reduce costs, mitigate odors in the community, and improve the consistency of final effluent. The company wanted to capture and utilize biogas from anaerobic digestion to help power plant operations and reduce fossil fuel consumption.

Facility Owner(s): K.B. Specialty Foods, a subsidiary of The Kroger Co.

Project Owner(s)/Designer: ADI Systems

Manufacturer(s): ADI Systems and Geomembrane Technologies

K.B. Specialty Foods

The WWD Project Winners are:

Joint Outfall "B" Unit 1A Sewer Rehab - Carson, Calif.

This project rehabilitated 5,100 linear ft of 12 foot diameter pipe. It holds the record for the largest sewer pipe rehabilitation using the segmental sliplining method, and 1,100 linear ft of the project had to be rehabilitated in a 100-day window.

Facility Owner(s): Los Angeles County Sanitation Districts

Project Owner(s)/Designer: LACSD

Project Contractor(s): Spiniello Companies

Manufacturer(s): Hobas Pipe USA

Joint project


SCWA AOP 1,4-Dioxane Removal - New Beaver Borough, Penn.

In 2017, the Suffolk County Water Authority completed the construction of the 1st Advanced Oxidation Process treatment system for drinking water in New York State. This UV-hydrogen peroxide AOP system was built to address concerns over the emerging contaminant 1,4-dioxane with a budget of $1.5 million.

Facility Owner(s)/Designer: Suffolk County Water Authority, Oakdale, NY

Project Designer(s): Trojan UV, Dvirka & Bartilucci

Project Contractor(s): Philip Ross Industries

Manufacturer: Trojan UV



Freeport McMorran Morenci WWTP - Morenci, Ariz.

The original treatment facility was constructed in 1950, and as the population of Morenci and Clifton grew, the existing treatment facilities were becoming challenged to handle the treatment flow. Then the officials’ of the copper mine need to expand mining operation onto and beyond the existing treatment plant site, so a new site was secured and a new facility was designed and built to handle the change in demand.

Facility Owner(s): Freeport-McMoRan Morenci, AZ Copper Mine

Project Designer(s)/Contractors: Evoqua Water Technologies (DAVCO)

Manufacturer(s): Evoqua Water Technologies (DAVCO)

Freeport project


Gilbert-Santan Vista WTP - Gilbert, Ariz.

This project’s aimed to re-establish a production capacity buffer for both the Town of Gilbert and City of Chandler to protect public health and to also double the plant’s capacity to support Chandler and Gilbert as the 7th and 18th fastest growing municipalities in the country for job growth. All while finding a means to efficiently meet EPA requirements.

Facility Owner(s): Town of Gilbert (50% Owner & Operator) & City of Chandler (50% Owner)

Project Designer(s): Black & Veatch Corporation

Project Contractor(s): Sundt Construction

Manufacturer(s): Sand Ballasted Flocculation, Filter Media Underdrains, Finished Water Pumping, Raw Water Sleeve Valve, AWWA Butterfly Valves / Actuators, Electrical Gear (Switchboard, MCC, VFDs), Standby Emergency Generator, Magnetic Flow Meters, Carbon Dioxide Generator, Ozone Generator, Sodium Hypochlorite Generator & Chemical Metering Pumps

Gilbert Santan Vista


Larry D. Moore WTP - Littleton, Colo.

This water treatment plant had to be built on the same property as the existing water treatment plant while maintaining existing water distribution and treatment operations during construction. The capacity of the plant increased during the construction phase, Since starting operation, total organic carbon removal has increased to a total of approximately 60% removal.

Facility Owner(s): Roxborough Water and Sanitation District

Project Designer(s): TST Infrastructure, LLC

Project Contractor(s): Garney Construction Company

Manufacturer(s): Veolia, Leopold, Robuschi, Trojan, Parkson Corporation, Acrison, Pentair Aurora Pumps, Watson Marlow, National Pump Company. Hydrogate & Meurer Research, Inc.

Larry D. Moore


Signal Butte WTP - Mesa, Ariz.

This project was delivered through the construction manager at risk process. When design started the original schedule had a 24-month design schedule and a 24-month construction schedule from breaking ground to substantial completion once the design was complete, and finished ahead of that schedule to meet peak summer water demands.

Facility Owner(s): City of Mesa

Project Designer(s): Black & Veatch

Project Contractor(s): Sundt Construction

Manufacturer(s): Multiple  

Signal Butte


Riviera Utilities Decentralized WWTS - Hot Springs, Ark.

The primary goal of this project was to design a cost-effective and reliable treatment system to replace the intermittent sand filters being used by Riviera Utilities to treat wastewater from the Diamondhead community near Hot Springs, Arkansas. Riviera’s 50,000-gal-per-day (gpd) facility had experienced long-term problems meeting effluent limits for pH, cBOD, and ammonia, so the new treatment system would need to produce much more consistent results.

Facility Owner(s): Riviera Utilities (Leny Baker, Manager)

Project Owner(s): PMI (environmental and engineering services)

Project Designer(s): Brad Wingfield, P.E.

Project Contractor(s): Environmental Process Systems

Manufacturer(s): Orenco Systems, Inc., Containment Solutions & Blue White

Riviera Utilities


South West Regional WRF - Debary, Fla.

In April 2018, Volusia County Water Resources & Utilities division completed construction of advanced wastewater treatment processes and one mgd expansion at its Southwest Regional Water Reclamation Facility, in DeBary, Fla. It reduced nutrient loading to springs, Increased availability of reclaimed supply, Maintained uninterrupted service throughout the construction period, Achieved substantial completion on-time and within budget and Generated community interest and support for additional water quality initiatives.

Facility Owner(s): County of Volusia Water Resources and Utilities Division

Project Designer(s): CPH Inc.

Project Contractor(s): Wharton Smith

Manufacturer(s): Kruger, EnviroMix, SSI Aeration, Primex Controls, Wemco Pumps, Parkson, Tkm pumps & Sulzer.

Southwest Regional


Wickenburg Ranch Water Reclamation Facility

The developer and Town of Wickenburg created a vision for a water reclamation facility that would meet the long-term wastewater treatment goals and provide reclaimed water for beneficial reuse. The vision was to provide a municipal quality facility to treat the wastewater generated at the Wickenburg Ranch community and to produce reclaimed water to offset the amount of groundwater needed to irrigate golf turf and landscaping requirements.

Facility Owner(s): Town of Wickenburg

Project Designer(s): GHD Inc.

Project Contractor(s): Currier Construction

Manufacturer(s): Caterpillar, Eaton, Tnemec, Halliday Products, SH Engineering & MFGG., Golden Railings, Olson Precast of Arizona, DeZurik, Flomatic, Muller Co., Aluma-Line, Westech, Ecoverde, Trojan, Waterman, Enduro Composites, Flygt, Deming Pumps & Kubota

Wickenburg Ranch Water Reclamation Facility

#1 WWD Top Project

Ellwood Water Treatment Plant - New Beaver Borough, Penn.

Replace the existing WTP which has met the end of it’s useful life. The plant was originally constructed in 1909 and expanded to its present rated capacity of 5.2 mgd in 1918. The new plant will increase system capacity and reliability to support future demands. The new plant is located at the confluence of the Beaver River and Connoquenessing Creek to provide adequate supply and the added reliability of two sources of supply. The new plant includes conventional treatment with inclined plate settlers and GAC filters. Chloramines will be used for disinfection by-product control. UV disinfection is provided for EPA LT2 compliance and the units are capable of operating in an advanced oxidation mode for treatment of taste and odor.

Facility Owner(s): Pennsylvania American Water Company

Project Designer(s): Gannett Fleming, Inc. and Buchart Horn, Inc.

Project Contractor(s): Reynolds Construction, LLC and Mascaro Construction Company, LP

Manufacturer(s): Aqseptence Group – Johnson Screen,  Meurer Research, Inc., Roberts Filter Group, Patterson Pump Company, Flowserve Corporation, Philadelphia Mixing Solutions, Ltd., ProMinent Fluid Controls, Inc., PolyProcessing Company, Blue White Industries, Ltd., Burnett Lime Company, Inc., Highland Tank and Manufacturing Co., Whipps, Moyno Industrial Products, Acrison, Inc., Plas-Tanks Industries, Environdyne, Andritz Separation, Inc., Spirac, Inc., Gardner Denver, Rosemount, Hach, Primary Flow Signal, Wallace and Tiernan, Chemtrac, Val-Matic, AUMA, Cummins & Culter Hammer (Eaton)

Ellwood Water Treatment Plant