Sep 02, 2003

WEF Awards Industrial Test Systems Top Water Quality Award

Industrial Test Systems, Inc. will receive the prestigious Innovative Technology Award - Instrumentation Category from the Water Environment Federation (WEF) during ceremonies held October 14 in Los Angeles at WEFTEC '03, the federation's 76th annual technical and educational conference and exhibition.

Industrial Test Systems is being recognized for its product, "Quick Ultra Low II Rapid Arsenic Test Kit." This innovative product takes arsenic measurement to the next level in accuracy, ease of operation and cost efficiency. It has a 50 times better detection limit than that of the standard test strip kits and can detect arsenic down to 0.2 ppb, vital to water suppliers who by law must have less than 10 ppb of arsenic in the finished water supply.

The U,S, Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) verified the test kit (based on accuracy, precision, linearity, method detection limit, matrix interference effects, operator bias and rate of false positives / false negatives) through its Environmental Technology Verification (ETV) program and wants to present the kit at its national meeting as an example of technologies needed to help keep a safe water supply.

The award is presented to WEF Associate Members who have introduced new innovative products or services related to the construction, operation or maintenance or water pollution control facilities.

Industrial Test Systems will be honored during WEFTEC '03, scheduled for Oct. 11—15 in Los Angeles. More than 15,000 of the world's leading water quality experts and 800 companies featuring the latest in water pollution control technology are expected for this major event.