Vactor Mfg. Celebrates 101 Years in Business

Company provides a wide range of material handling equipment

This year, Vactor Mfg. proudly celebrates 101 years of providing customers around the world with a wide range of material handling equipment. Originally founded in Chicago in 1911 as the Myers-Sherman Co., a manufacturer of pneumatic farm equipment, Vactor has evolved to become the industry leader in sewer and catch basin cleaners, industrial vacuum loaders, and vacuum excavators featuring innovative technology and custom configurable designs.

With one of the largest and most developed distributor networks in the sewer cleaning industry, Vactor, a subsidiary of Federal Signal Corp. and part of its Environmental Solutions Group, has more than 50 North American distributors in 100 locations to serve the municipal market and six factory direct locations for industrial customers.

“Our history began with the design and manufacture of products such as milking machines, feed blenders and mixers, and grain storage and conveying systems,” said Mark Weber, president of Federal Signal Corp.’s Environmental Solutions Group. “The pneumatic conveying systems in these original products provided the impetus for our success as a global leader in the sewer cleaning industry. While Vactor has changed and expanded considerably over the years, we remain dedicated to the original spirit of innovation and hard work upon which our business was founded. Our dedication to innovation and service will continue to guide us into our second century of business.”

Vactor Mfg.

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