Jun 25, 2015

Transmitter/Controller Features Expandable Design

Device includes several installation options and can be used in a wide variety of environments

With multiCELL transmitter/controller Type 8619, Bürkert offers a complete and flexible measuring system suitable for connecting multiple sensors for the most diverse range of tasks in data logging, control and dosing. The device is perfect for numerous applications in areas as diverse as water treatment and the production of foodstuffs and pharmaceutics. The system consists of a basic device that comes with generous equipment, but whose functional range can be freely adapted and extended as required with hardware boards for pH/ORP and conductivity, input + output signal boards and software modules. Bürkert's multiCELL Type 8619 is now available not only in a version for panel installation, but also with a housing, offering users more flexibility in the installation of the device—on walls, pipelines and railings, for example.

The new housing variant is protected according to IP65/IP67, NEMA 4x. There are no external metal parts. With these features, the housing is perfectly suited not only for water treatment, food and beverage and pharmaceutics, but also for aggressive environments such as galvanizing processes.

Thanks to a special installation plate, the system is easily installed on walls; a special installation kit facilitates installation on pipelines and railings. A smart locking and support mechanism allows users to attach devices quickly to the installation plate and remove them when required. For more information on the Type 8619, please contact [email protected].

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