Apr 16, 2018

Edge Controller Combines SCADA RTU, PLC & I/O in One Unit

Product provides secure, low-cost edge control for remote sites

Edge Controller Combines SCADA RTU, PLC & I/O in One Unit

Securing remote water and wastewater treatment sites has become easier and more affordable. Bedrock Automation, maker of the award-winning Bedrock Open Secure Automation system, has introduced a low cost, high-performance controller that combines a SCADA RTU, PLC and soft-selectable I/O into a 137-mm (5.4-in.) by 226-mm (8.9-in.) by 59-mm (2.3-in.) standalone module with cyber security protection built in.

The Bedrock OSA Remote edge controller is configured using the same free IEC 61131-3 engineering software used for all Bedrock controllers, has a -40°C-to-80°C operating range, and is encased in a hardened metal enclosure. With pricing starting at $2900 for a 10-channel system, this product provides an economical, secure and flexible remote monitoring solution that reduces barriers to Industrial Internet of Things and Industry 4.0 business innovation.

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