Aug 13, 2011

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Organizations on File to Meet Your Needs

Many company owners and staff have a list the length of their arms of associations in which they are members. They proudly show that list to each customer and even use it in advertising. But many people just don't know what their associations can offer them. They may not even belong to the association that is right for their needs.

Association membership not only gives you leverage against your competitors, but you may actually find that there is a lot to gain from each of them.

Memberships in these organizations provide unlimited industry information, customer contacts and a connection to the public and businesses. They are a medium to express ideas, concerns and be involved in the standards and regulations processes. Associations also may lead to finding high-quality employees as well as forming partnerships with other companies domestically and internationally.

With educational, social and business opportunities that wait for members, it is hard to imagine not taking advantage of what is available.

Associations offer information via websites, newsletters, trade shows and conferences. Members also can earn certifications, product testing and standards information.

Begin by selecting the organization that matches your needs as well as the locations of various chapters, be it state, regional, national or international. Do a little research and find out all you can. Ask about their goals, committees and involvement in the industry. Don?t be afraid to volunteer and get yourself or your company involved. Follow though with your committments and keep up to date with association happenings.

With so many organizations and chapters, we thought a little organization might be in order. So the following lists a brief overview of various associations and how you can find out more about each of them.


American Water Works Association
President: Robert F. Willis
Vice Presidents: Glen Anderson, Dennis Leslie, Kathryn McCain, Susan McCormick and Lyndon Stovall
Treasurer: Raymond C. Miller
Other Staff: Jack Hoffbuhr, executive director
Show: Annual Convention Show, June 17?21,
Washington, D.C.
Purpose: To assure a safe, sufficient supply of drinking water
for the people of the United States, Canada and Mexico.
The group leads efforts to advance the science, technology, consumer awareness, management, conservation and government policies related to drinking water.
Contact Information: 6666 W. Quincy Ave., Denver, CO 80235; 303-794-7711;

  • Volunteer and Technical Support Groups, Ed Baruth, Director
  • Convention, Education and Section Services Groups,
    Paula MacIlwaine, Director
  • Publishing Group, Monica Joda-Baruth, Director
  • Customer Service Group, Suzanne Andrew, Director
  • Communications and Marketing Groups, Stephen Lewis, Director


Eastern Water Quality Association
President: Dave McKeon
Vice President: Bernie Palko
Secretary/Treasurer: David Wilson
Other Staff: Carol Russell, executive administrator; Laura Witmer, assistant administrator
Shows: EWQA Conference & Trade Show, Sept. 19?21, Lancaster, Pa.
Purpose: Training and educational programs to promote professionalism in the industry.
Contact Information: 2045 Rockvale Rd., Lancaster, PA 17602; 717-299-2064.

Pacific Water Quality Association
President: Tracy Strahl
Vice President: Ron Ruef
Secretary/Treasurer: Bob Denne
Other Staff: Debbie Cosper, executive director
Shows: Convention & Trade Show, Oct. 10?14, Palm Springs, Calif.
Number of Members: 200
Purpose: PWQA provides access to services and programs that
will enhance the members? abilities to perform services and sell products. It acts as an avenue for members and the industry to express opinions and relay information while promoting water quality awareness.
Contact Information: 2124 Main St., Suite 110, Huntington Beach, CA 92648; 714-960-2428;
? Political Action, Bob Denne
? Public Relations, Anne Marie Finn
? Government Planning, Ron Ruef
? Technical, Tony Pagliaro
? Education and Convention, Terry Heckman
? Nominating, Bill Wallace
? Government Affairs, Membership and Staff Personnel,
Tracy Strahl
? Newsletter, Dan Robey
? Trade Show, Fred Kuppers

International Bottled Water Association
President: Joseph Doss
Vice Presidents: Carol Kincaid, Cindy Yablonski
Next Convention: 43rd Annual Convention
& Trade Show, "Thirsting for Excellence," Oct. 4?6,
Miami Beach, Fla.
Purpose: IBWA plays an active role at all levels of state and
federal government assisting in the development of stringent regulations for bottled water to ensure the greatest safety possible and high quality of bottled water products.
Contact Information: 1700 Diagonal Rd., Suite 650, Alexandria, VA 22314; (703) 683-5213;

International Water Association
Executive Director: Anthony Milburn
Membership: Amanda White
Number of Members: Nearly 9,000 in more than 130 countries.
Purpose: To promote best practice and exchange of the latest skills, techniques and knowledge of all aspects of water management. To disseminate this worldwide and engage in advocacy and exchange of ideas with major agencies and to promote public awareness. To provide a means whereby all the different types of organizations and professions in the water sector can exchange information.
Contact Information: Alliance House, 12 Caxton St., London
SW1H 0QS, UK; +44 (0)20 7654 5500; fax: +44 (0)20 7654 5555;

Water Quality Association
President: Patrick Dalee, president of IWW, Inc.
Vice President: C.R. Hall, Wichita Water Conditioning
Secretary: James Baker, AmeriWater
Treasurer: Robert Ruhstorfer, RainSoft Div. of Aquion Partners
Other Staff: Peter Censky, executive director; Joseph Harrison, technical director; Daniel Wyckoff, World Assembly Division director
Shows: 27th Annual WQA Conference & Trade Show, March 27?31, Orlando, Fla.
Number of Members: 2,500
Purpose: The international trade association represents the household, commercial, industrial and small community water treatment industry. It maintains a close dialogue with other organizations representing different aspects of the water industry in order to best serve consumers, government
officials and industry members.
Contact Information: 4151 Naperville Rd., Lisle, IL 60532;
? Commercial/Industrial, Roger Miller, Osmonics
? Convention, James Wakem, Atlantic Filter Corp.
? Educational Services, John Rickert, Lil? John?s
Water Treatment, Inc.
? Member Services, Joanne Grace, Texas WQA
? Science Advisory, Albert Preuss, Aldex Chemical Co.
? Small Systems, William Prior, Kinetico, Inc.
? Public Relations, Tony Pagliaro, Nimbus Water Systems, Inc.
? World Assembly Executive Committee, Charles Poellet,
K Plastics, Inc.
? Awards, John Packard, Culligan Water Conditioning

* Task forces, other boards, sections and subcommittees are not listed.

WQA State Associations
Arizona WQA 480-947-9850
Arkansas WQA 903-792-0871
Colorado WQA 719-384-5231
Florida WQA 863-688-6286
Georgia WQA 706-342-4610
Illinois WQA 708-386-1566
Indiana WQA 317-841-0765
Iowa QWA 515-282-9303
Kansas QWA 316-662-8630
Michigan WQA 517-487-6840
Minnesota WQA 612-754-2123
Missouri WQA 417-882-2732
New Jersey WQA 908-233-4300
New York WQA 914-566-5125
Ohio WQA 419-845-2023
Texas WQA 512-479-0425
Vermont WQA 802-362-4106
Wisconsin WQA 608-286-0766

American Supply Association 312-464-0090;
Canadian Bottled Water Association 905-886-6928
Canadian WQA 416-695-3068;
European Bottled Water Cooler Association
+32 2 743 40 59;
International Car Wash Association 312-321-5199;

International Ozone Association 203-348-3542
National Association of Plumbing, Heating & Cooling Contractors
National Automatic Merchandising Association

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