Jul 15, 2014

McMahon Associates Releases Infrastructure Asset Management Tool

The application uses GIS to help users manage & maintain assets

McMahon Associates Traisr

McMahon Associates, Inc., a national transportation engineering and planning firm, introduced a new technology tool to help municipalities and businesses better manage activities ranging from pothole repair to traffic light maintenance, permitting and snow removal. The tool can save taxpayer dollars and help businesses and municipalities run more efficiently.

Traisr is a Web-based infrastructure asset-management application that relies on a geographic information system (GIS) to help users track, manage, maintain and report on assets—on the road or off. Currently being used by municipalities along the east coast, Traisr is marketed to municipal governments and businesses that maintain vehicle fleets or have complex campuses to maintain, such as recreational facilities, landscaping companies, hospitals and utility operators.

Traisr consists of seven modular components that municipalities and companies can customize for their individual needs.

"Traisr is an asset and infrastructure management application made to order," said John DePalma, principal of Traisr. "The system is completely customizable and scalable; customers can add as many of the modules as fit their needs, whether with one or a thousand users."

The modules enable users to track all assets, including work orders, permits, CAD Files, fleet locations, inspections, zoning data and citizen complaints. The system includes:

  • • Asset Centrl - Tracks all assets and allows for lifecycle management. Enables users to quickly find locations, associated data and incorporates document management (images, videos, permits, plans, warranties, etc.)
  • • Work Centrl - Tracks time and materials. Enables users to create, manage and maintain work orders.
  • • Operations Centrl - Uses GPS for live, real-time data to manage emergencies, handle weather issues, track vehicles and report back to residents or customers.
  • • Permit Centrl - Tool for generating permits, enforcing compliance, issuing fines and planning inspections. If chosen, contractors and residents can also apply and pay for permits using this module.
  • • Citizen Centrl - Facilitates transparency between the user and its residents and clients. Users can share information with residents/clients and share issues, complete with geolocations and snapshots.
  • • Inspection Centrl - Schedules inspections and offers condition ratings; used for maintenance scheduling and risk assessment.
  • • Land Use Centrl - Offers parcel, zoning and land use planning data. Can be used to generate buffer zones around an entity(s) and then communicate with residents in that zone.

All modules work on a computer, tablet or smartphone and can be accessed on or offline. The system is Web-based, does not require any software add-ons, and data can be stored either on the cloud or on premise. All of the data is one location, and at the user's fingertips.

"Traisr ultimately does what every asset manager wants -saves time and money," said Brian Berdel, chief information officer of Traisr. "Past data can be migrated into the system, allowing the customer to review areas for improvement and adjust the current plan year after year."