Mar 17, 2008

AqWise to Present New Developments at IFAT 2008

AqWise to launch a new enhanced process to expand wastewater treatment capacity and extend nitrogen removal via an advanced biological process

AqWise will be presenting enhancements to its award-winning biological-based solution for wastewater treatment and its innovative attached growth airlift reactor fixed biofilm moving bed process at IFAT 2008, May 5 to 9, 2008, in Munich, Germany.

The AqWise Solution helps meet stringent effluent quality requirements both cost effectively and on a truly scalable basis. Implementation of the AqWise Solution in an existing plant is straightforward and delivers increased treatment capacity, as well as improved organic carbon and nutrient removal. No additional area is required, as the existing bioreactor requires only minor internal modifications.

Using the AqWise Solution in “green-field” applications, either municipal or industrial, results in compact wastewater treatment plants while enabling easy future expansion and just-in-time capital investment.

AqWise’s Biomass Carriers offer a unique aerodynamic design with extended surface area for biofilm growth, as well as a heavy-duty structure and a durable surface. They are specially designed to protect the biomass from abrasion and sheer without compromising the mass transfer efficiency. The AqWise Solution also presents a unique aeration design and mixing pattern.

The AqWise Solution has been successfully implemented worldwide in dozens of installations for both BOD and nitrogen removal and is suitable for municipal wastewater treatment plants as well as various industrial applications, such as food and beverage, pulp and paper, oil and gas and more.