Aquatech Awarded Zero Liquid Discharge Contract in California

Aquatech International Corp., a supplier of Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) equipment, recently received a contract for a complete water treatment and zero liquid discharge facility from the city of Roseville, Calif., for their planned Roseville Energy Park. This is the fourth in a series of such ZLD orders awarded to Aquatech by municipal districts within the state of California.
Aquatech will design and supply complete ZLD equipment that will treat blowdown wastewater from a cooling tower operating on recycled water from a local wastewater treatment facility.
Additionally, the system supplied will generate de-ionized water for the power plant's steam generator. The water treatment equipment features the HERO process, a proprietary high- efficiency reverse osmosis scheme which maximizes recovery of water to be reused in the plant and minimizes the waste stream that requires evaporation. Included in the process is Aquatech's uniquely designed mixed salt wastewater Crystallizer, suitable for processing organic-laden streams.
The Roseville Energy Park will be a natural gas-fired, combined-cycle electrical generating facility with the ability to peak-fire to 160 MW nominal during summer design conditions. Roseville Electric is pursuing facility designs and development plans that incorporate environmentally friendly technology for the Roseville Energy Park.


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