Apr 28, 2011

Aquatech Awarded Desalination Project for New Power Facility

Company officials will build a Thermal Power Facility in India

Aquatech has been awarded a contract to design, engineer, fabricate and build a seawater reverse osmosis-based desalination plant for Coastal Energen Pvt. Ltd. in Tamil Nadu, India. Coastal Energen is the power-generating flagship company of the Coal and Oil Group, an integrated company involved in various aspects of energy supplies including coal trading, mining, shipping, logistics and power generation.

In addition to seawater desalination, Aquatech is providing a complete water and wastewater solution for the facility, including a high-purity water system, electro-chlorination and effluent treatment plant.

“Significant power generation capacity is being added to address our country’s energy deficit, and many projects are coming up in the coastal region where the desalination of seawater is the only solution to meet the fresh water requirements," Aquatech Vice President Sachin Kukade said.