Aquair Deploys New Water Generation Technology for Hurricane Katrina Relief Effort

Recognizing that they are uniquely positioned to help Hurricane Katrina victims and relief workers, Aquair, a wholly owned subsidiary of RG Global Lifestyles, Inc., has sent three Aquair atmospheric water generation units to the New Orleans area to literally pull clean water out of the air.
This week two additional larger mobile units will be sent. An added bonus to the operation of these units is that they dehumidify the air during the water extraction process so it serves a dual purpose that is particularly suitable to the needs in New Orleans.
The atmospheric water generators will create cool, dry air to help dry out key government buildings and materials while also generating 300 plus gal of pure drinking water per day for the people that are helping with the disaster recovery.
Getting sanitary water to people in New Orleans has been one of the most daunting challenges following the hurricane and subsequent flood that left the city under several feet of contaminated water and largely inaccessible to vehicles transporting bottled water and other supplies.
"Having these 'Air to Water' units on site will help provide a continuous supply of pure, safe water and reduce the need to rely on transported, bottled water--freeing up resources for transporting other essential supplies," said Louis Knickerbocker, Chairman & CEO of RG Global Lifestyles, the worldwide distributor of the atmospheric water generation units.
"We are grateful that through our technology we can help alleviate some of the disastrous conditions that unfolded following Hurricane Katrina," Knickerbocker said.
The Company adapted the normally stationary water generation units for use with mobile trailers and supplied diesel generators to power the units since electrical supply is not available in many areas.
"Originally, we believed that the Aquair 'Air to Water' units would be useful for the military, on construction sites and in remote areas of Asia where there is high humidity and clean, drinkable water is not readily available," said Grant King, COO of Aquair. "We didn't anticipate that there would be such a huge and immediate need for this technology in a major U.S. metropolitan area, and we're pleased officials are taking advantage of the dual dehumidification and water generation technology Aquair provides."

RG Global Lifestyles, Inc.

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