Dec 28, 2000

Aquafina Plays Up Pure Water Necessities in First National TV Advertising Campaign

Beginning this week, in its first national TV ad campaign, Pepsi-Cola Company’s Aquafina is reminding consumers: "Every part of your body needs pure water." Aquafina is non-carbonated, purified drinking water, with "purity guaranteed." Two new television commercials and a pair of print ads describe the importance of drinking pure water - with a playful, unpretentious edge.

"We've got the fastest-growing brand in the country's fastest-growing beverage category, but we're only scratching the surface of where we can take Aquafina," said Dawn Hudson, Pepsi-Cola Company's senior vice president of strategy and marketing. "With this new campaign, we're giving Aquafina the media weight it deserves, while inviting consumers to give their bodies the pure water they need for healthy, everyday living - without taking things too seriously."

J. Walter Thompson U.S.A., Inc., New York, created both the TV and print executions, marking the advertising agency's first work for Aquafina.

"What a wonderful opportunity it is to work on the number-one brand of bottled water," said Ed Evangelista, J. Walter Thompson's senior partner and group creative director. "It's not every day that you get a water brand willing to do something smart, interesting and fun -- and desiring creative beyond the usual 'rivers and streams.'"

The two new TV spots heighten the fact that the human body is composed mostly of water, with subtly humorous twists: 1) in "Pool," an amorous young man is lured away from his Aquafina by the sight of an enchanting woman, only to be surprised by her poolside guests; 2) in "Surfer," an ardent wave warrior abruptly retreats to the beach after a chilling discovery. Targeting active young adults, both commercials will air into September on network and cable television.

Coinciding with its national TV launch, Aquafina's new print campaign also will run into the fall, featuring two-page spreads in popular magazines, including Cosmopolitan, Glamour, People, Redbook, Rolling Stone, Self and Shape.

The first of two print ads captures an accident waiting to happen, as a young man on a bicycle makes eye contact with an attractive young woman. The other depicts a couple of women embroiled in an epic struggle - for the last pair of hot pink high-heels on sale in a shoe store.