AquaCell Receives Its Largest Single Order

Marketing Partner Recruits Industry Sales Leaders for Purific Cooler Sales

AquaCell Technologies Inc. announced that its marketing partner, Corbett Water Technologies, placed an order with the company for 1000 Purific water cooler systems, valued at more than $600,000, to be shipped within the next 90 days.
Corbett's requirement for this order has been driven by the fact that they have successfully recruited industry leading salesmen in the bottled water industry exclusively for sales of AquaCell's patented Purific cooler.
"This order from Corbett Water is the single largest water cooler order we have received to date, representing more than three times AquaCell's revenue for all of last year," said James C. Witham, AquaCell's CEO. "We are thrilled with what Corbett has done in such a short period of time in assembling this top-notch sales team. I believe they will continue to do a great job for AquaCell."
Brad Corbett, Jr., president of Corbett Water Technologies said, "Although it took longer than we anticipated to recruit these individuals, we are pleased that our patience has been rewarded and that we have been able to begin to achieve our objective to hire the top 1 percent salesmen from the leading bottled water brands in key markets."
Corbett continued, "While we have sold a number of Purific coolers to date since signing our agreement with AquaCell in October, with the recent hiring of these gentlemen and with what they have already begun to accomplish, we expect a significant increase in the business we are going to do."
To date, Corbett has hired leading salesmen from leading bottled water companies such as Danone's Sparkletts, Perrier's Ozarka, Suntory and Sierra Springs, and is continuing to recruite from other targeted companies in key markets.

AquaCell Technologies Inc.

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