Aquacell Chooses ADSORBSIA Titanium-Based Arsenic Removal Media

In response to the growing need for arsenic removal in affected areas of the U.S., Aquacell Water, Inc. has chosen to work with The Dow Chemical Co. by selecting ADSORBSIA GTO titanium-based arsenic removal media for their turn-key arsenic removal systems.
“We are really excited to work with Dow as our primary source for arsenic removal media,” said Karen Laustsen, Aquacell Water’s president and CEO. “As a manufacturer of turn-key water treatment systems used for various applications around the globe, it was critical that we select arsenic removal media that both we and our customers could rely upon. Having extensively studied the various media available, we chose ADSORBSIA titanium-based media, as we believe it to be the most flexible, reliable and cost effective media for arsenic removal.”
Adding Aquacell to Dow’s line of authorized distributors for ADSORBSIA GTO media now helps bring the product to the southwest U.S., where it had not been easily available before. Aquacell Water fills a niche in the distribution strategy, providing customers in New Mexico and Arizona with the option of working with a responsive and technically excellent local company.
“We are very pleased to be working with Aquacell, and that they have selected Dow for their arsenic removal media,” said Alan Greenberg, senior marketing development manager, Liquid Separations New Business Development. “We believe that ADSORBSIA titanium-based media, in the hands of the right OEMs, will become the standard for end-users looking for a dependable, cost reliable option for removing arsenic from drinking water resources.”
ADSORBSIA has improved capabilities over iron-oxide based media, including a nanocrystalline structure that results in faster kinetics, allowing for smaller diameter vessels and a smaller system footprint. It is also the highest capacity media in a wide range of water, removing both As(V) and As(III), without pretreatment, across a wide pH range.
The high capacity also makes it an ideal non-regenerable single-use product, a convenience for small or mid-sized systems. It offers an affordable, easy to operate approach. Eliminating regeneration means avoiding the hassles and cost of chemical storage and usage while eliminating waste stream disposal issues.
ADSORBSIA media also has a strong affinity for arsenic, which allows the media to maintain a strong hold on the removed arsenic, allowing for easier and safer disposal.
Launched in 2005, ADSORBSIA media is designed to help municipalities comply with U.S. EPA regulations requiring municipal drinking water in the United States to have arsenic levels below 10 ppb, down substantially from the currently acceptable level of 50 ppb. The new regulations went into effect in January 2006.

The Dow Chemical Co.

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