AquaCell Announces Completion of Product Test of Water Cooler With Fortune 100 Company

AquaCell completed a successful product test of its Purific water cooler as the first phase of a project funded by a Fortune 100 company and conducted by a consultant group they hired for its implementation.

In a comprehensive scientifically conducted test the Purific cooler, selected because of its patented features, received high scores in functionality, design and taste of the water. The test was conducted in the Washington, DC area with unrelated randomly selected residential and commercial participants.

James C. Witham, chairman of AquaCell said, "The results of the test confirm the competitive advantages of the Purific system."

From the front, Purific looks like a traditional five-gallon water cooler. But the back reveals a self-contained water purification and bottling system. The patented Purific Water Cooler automatically refills the permanently attached five-gallon bottle with freshly filtered and purified water, every time water is dispensed. Commercial clients include Fortune 500 companies and US Government agencies.

The test was performed through the company's AquaCell Media subsidiary. Given these favorable results, the company is collectively proceeding to the next phase for the funding of the market test, in order to find the most effective means for marketing the Purific cooler to the residential community, the fastest growing segment of the bottled water industry.


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