Applied Water Management, Inc. Awarded Contract with New England Patriots Facility

E'town Corporation has announced that its subsidiary, Applied Water Management, Inc. (AWM), has been awarded a 20-year contract to operate the wastewater treatment and recycling system for CMGi Field, the new home of the New England Patriots, being constructed in Foxboro, Massachusetts.

The new system, which was recently designed and built by AWM, is the largest wastewater recycling system in the northeast.

The wastewater system will provide direct reuse of treated wastewater within the stadium and indirect recharge of the underlying aquifer through groundwater recharge. Wastewater generated from the stadium will be treated and recycled for reuse as flushwater in the stadium toilets. It is anticipated that 80 percent of the wastewater will be directly recycled in the stadium and 20 percent will be recharged into the ground water. In future phases the plant will be expanded to treat and recycle the wastewater generated by businesses within the Route 1 economic development area of Foxboro, Massachusetts.

Phil Sudol, chief operating officer of AWM said, "The water reuse system for the New England Patriots facility clearly demonstrates a balance between developmental pressures and environmental concern. The team will enjoy a new modern stadium, and the community will benefit from improved commerce and an environmentally friendly solution to their water and wastewater needs."

AWM used membrane bioreactor technology to achieve the water quality mandated by the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection. The facility was designed to accommodate wide fluctuations in waste flow and concentration. AWM currently owns and operates 22 other membrane bioreactor facilities that serve office buildings, research facilities, schools, outlet centers and a baseball stadium.

CMGi Field will house the National Football League's (NFL) New England Patriots and the Major League Soccer's New England Revolution and will have 68,000 seats plus luxury boxes. In addition to the stadium, a hotel, commercial buildings and an amusement area are planned for future building phases. CMGi Field will be the first NFL stadium to incorporate wastewater recycling into its design.

AWM provides water and wastewater services ranging from contract operations and management services to turn-key design/build projects for both private and public water and wastewater utility customers in New Jersey, New York, Florida and Pennsylvania and throughout the New England area.

E'town Corporation

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