Anglian Water Implements Intergraph for Next Generation Network Management System

Anglian Water Services, Ltd., part of AWG Plc in the United Kingdom, is implementing Intergraph Corp.’s G/Technology for the next generation of their core network management system. This contract is the first element of Anglian Water's corporate Geographical Information System (GIS) replacement program, which will involve a high degree of geographic information exploitation throughout all aspects of the water company's business operations.
Anglian Water sees geographic information as one of the cornerstones of its information infrastructure and recognizes that flexible integration with other core systems is essential. The G/Technology system implementation will include business process-driven integration with the company's SAP system using Intergraph's integration module, GeoSpatial Enterprise Integrator. This integration focuses on key processes to facilitate the appropriate use of information while keeping the source data in the systems designed to maintain it.
As a long-time Intergraph customer, Anglian Water is upgrading from FRAMME to G/Technology, bringing significant financial and operational benefits such as improved visibility of asset information throughout the enterprise. The new implementation will lower the whole-life cost of ownership by moving from a highly customized environment to a more flexible commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) based solution.
The project is being implemented by Anglian Water's IT outsourcing provider, Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC), as prime contractor. Intergraph will provide a version of G/Water, designed specifically for the U.K. market, which will be at the heart of the solution. Intergraph's utility experts have created G/Water using their extensive understanding of water company requirements and by embracing industry best practices. CSC, an Intergraph Synergy Program Registered Solution Center, will integrate the G/Water solution with Anglian Water's existing systems. Intergraph and CSC will work together to provide a range of business and technology support services to assist with the successful delivery of the solution.
“We expect Intergraph's G/Technology to enhance decision support by increasing data exploitation throughout the business,” said Kevin Brown, Asset Data Centre manager, Anglian Water Services. “We selected Intergraph's software because they could provide a comprehensive, modern geospatial environment for all business activities. Intergraph technology brings flexibility to support and enhance our business and IT strategies. The new system will provide a consistent view of our data and apply appropriate software tools at all access points, empowering employees to make decisions that improve operations and customer service.”
Jay Stinson, vice president and general manager, Intergraph Utilities and Communications, said, “We continue to see increased momentum for the adoption of our G/Technology solutionware. Forward-looking companies such as Anglian Water understand that this technology helps them better respond to customer demands through streamlined workflows and enterprise-wide access to geospatial information.”

Intergraph Corp.

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