Aug 04, 2015

AMS Introduces THM Formation Potential Online Analyzer

Aqua Metrology Systems THM formation potential analyzer THM-100-FP

Aqua Metrology Systems has introduced an online THM Formation Potential Analyzer that provides real-time predictions of future THM levels in water treatment plant distribution networks. The THM-100-FP analyzer successfully implements an accelerated THM Formation Potential process, delivering fast, accurate and reliable results to water treatment plants in America and Europe.

“THM remediation technologies are typically managed based on THM readings taken from the treatment plant or at critical points in the distribution network. While THM levels can be low at the exit of the water treatment plant, they often increase dramatically in the distribution network. While standard analytical measurements can take up to seven days to provide results on THM Formation Potential, we recognized that timely measurements of the THM Formation Potential at the treatment plant would enable predictions of network THM levels,” said Rick Bacon, CEO of Aqua Metrology Systems. “As such, we developed a propriety accelerated online THM Formation Potential method and measurement process to aid utilities in the implementation of effective THM process remediation changes.”

The analyzer performs six online samples daily, a combination of Total THM and THM Formation Potential. Benefits of the new analyzer include; early characterization of the THM Formation Potential of water quality leaving the treatment plant, early prediction of future THM levels at critical points in the distribution system, help to better manage the water treatment process and mitigation of compliance risk.