Dec 28, 2000

AMI DODUCO Wins New Jersey Environmental Award

EXPORT, Pa.--AMI DODUCO's Cedar Knolls, New Jersey,
plant has been awarded the 2000 Industrial Wastewater Treatment Award by the New
Jersey Water Environment Association (NJWEA). This annual award recognizes the
New Jersey industrial facility with the highest level of compliance with
environmental regulations and voluntary environmental improvements.
The plant, which produces electrical contact rivets
and stamped assemblies, pre-treats its industrial wastewater prior to being
discharged. The plant's innovative treatment techniques minimize waste discharge
while maximizing the recycling of treatment material that was previously sent to
land fills.
"I credit the commitment and innovation of our
employees for this award," said Larry J. Gaudino, Environmental Manager,
AMI DODUCO. "AMI DODUCO has long been committed to environmental protection
efforts above and beyond mere compliance. This is a competitive advantage since
our customers increasingly consider environmental performance when choosing
The award will be presented during the week-long
NJWEA Annual Conference on May 4, 2000 in Atlantic City. Past award winners
include Colgate-Palmolive Company, Weyerhauser Company, and Hercules